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New Real Estate Investor: Step number one, determine who you are.

February 9, 2017


This is just the first step...there are more parts to it. Stay tuned and let's see if we can't get you closer to that first deal...subscribe at the bottom of this post to keep up with all my current blogs.


Yes, you heard me right. WHO ARE YOU? It seems simple enough of a question..,but what do I mean? Who are you as a person? As a sports fan? As a friend? As an employee? I mean, if you think about it, there are 100's of answers to that relatively simple question. 


Strange, there are also 100's of ways to invest in real estate. 

So, who are you as an investor will direct correspond to what way best suits you to make money in real estate. BOOM! Mind blowing I know. I have found that the MOST successful investors are both a Jack of all Trades AND a Master of ONE. Why is this important? The Master of ONE reference belongs to the idea that there is SOMETHING that you do so well that you just love it. Other people recognize you do it so well they ask you to do it for them, or they pay you to do it for them, or you love it so much you teach other people how to do it as well. Do you see that "thing"? Can you put your finger on it? If you can't let's try this, what do you LOVE doing? That's probably what you are best at. Now take whatever that is and now our job (mine and yours) is to determine HOW we apply it to real estate. 


Yes, if you said "Surf" we need to find how to apply it. If you said, "Guess the number of jelly beans in a jar" then YES, we need to figure out how to apply THAT. Does this seem crazy? Bear with me.


One of the most BRILLIANT writers of our time is @Malcolm Gladwell (that was my hope he was on Bigger Pockets and I could give him a shout out). He takes science and finds where it meets society. He finds the intersecting point between two things, two UNLIKE things and when he does...he discovers pure genius. Now, what we need to do for you, is we need to find your "thing" and find the intersection between IT and real estate investing. 


Sound fun? Good...that's just step one... 


So, who is brave enough to play along in the comments? Send be the one "thing" you love, are great at, or can't get enough of and let's see how we can find the intersection.



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